Thursday 26 September 2013

little memories.

Just a little post today, as I really wanted to share with you these cute little magnets that came through our letter box this afternoon! After seeing Michelle's post about Stickygram on Tuesday, within minutes I had placed an order featuring all of my favourite images of my mum and I over the last year or so. It really is such a lovely idea to be able to get your favourite Instagram pictures developed in such a creative way, and ours now take pride of place on our fridge freezer (plus we've even got a whiteboard marker involved for good measure!). Each photograph holds a little memory (our seaside holiday, going to a Rizzle Kicks gig, before my surprise 20th birthday party last year, wearing our matching Nicki Minaj t-shirts the day I got back from Vegas in February..etc), so it's wonderful to have them in physical form rather than them just being on my laptop and iPad. It seemed only right to put up a little baby snap on the fridge too, and let's just admire the fact that my mumma doesn't even look a day older after all of those years!

A set of nine magnets costs just $14.99 (so, just under ten pounds), but with this cheeky code - FRIENDPI7X - you can get $2 off your order! I'll definitely be purchasing more of these to add to my collection, plus friends and family, be prepared that you may be getting your own unique set of magnets for Christmas... Jazz. x


  1. I love the idea of Stickygram, unfortunately the front of my fridge isn't magnetic :( boo! It's so nice to be able to use Instagram shots for something though as they are usually the most spontaneous pictures and will just get lost in the history of the internet if you don't do things like this!
    You and your mum are so damn adorable!

  2. These look great!! I've just ordered some to jazz up my fridge too! Thanks for the voucher code :)
    K xx

  3. Aww they are lovely, and would make such a good present, the fact they all have their own memories is just perfectxx

  4. What a cool idea having those Stickygrams :)
    Lots of gorgeous photos of the two of you as well :D