Friday 2 August 2013

a corner of our kitchen.

My mum and I have been attempting to rearrange our home, so I thought I'd share with you a little finished corner of our kitchen, featuring some of our favourite pieces! Next kindly sent us this beautiful draining rack, which is perfect for displaying mine and my mum's collection of Cath Kidston crockery. Our collection started long before I started working at Cath Kidston, but now as I get staff discount it's so difficult to not come home with a new mug or two! We now have an eclectic mix of different prints, our favourites being Spray Flowers and Tea Rose Stripe, which along with our tea towels and trays makes for a very girly, vintage inspired kitchen. As always, we of course had to treat ourselves to some pretty flowers, this time bought from our friends at Battersea Flower Station. Love, Jazmine.


  1. these are such cute items of cutlery and what beautiful roses :D xx

  2. Beautiful post - and kitchen!

  3. I just love how flowery and girly your kitchen is! My mum is strictly against anything floral print so my collection of Cath Kidston plates are safely tucked up under my bed until I move into my own place! Lisette Loves

  4. It looks so beautiful - like my dream kitchen! I love seeing pictures of cute crockery and baking items, and the flower prints are lovely. I love Cath Kidson but I think it's best I don't live near one as I'm fairly sure I would go broke! You have a gorgeous home :)

    Chloe. x