Tuesday 23 April 2013

wake up and smell the coffee!

Jazmine and I are usually big tea drinkers, but since purchasing our Tassimo coffee machine a few weeks ago, our caffeine intake has doubled, if not tripled! I've always wanted to buy a coffee machine but refused to pay over the odds, so after searching the internet I was very happy to find one for under fifty pounds, which at less than half price was quite the bargain! I think Jazz was a tad jealous of the coffee machine as I kept referring to it as my 'new baby', but now it's a welcome addition in our family home. We took these pictures on a sunny afternoon after a wander around Battersea - I made myself a Costa cappuccino, whilst Jazz went for a Cadbury's hot chocolate. We've also got some tea t-discs for our machine for when we just can't be bothered to wait for our whistling kettle to boil! We'll definitely be sharing more of our kitchen (and many cups!) with you very soon, plus we'd love to know what hot drinks you can't live without? See you soon, Barri.


  1. i'm so excited about this blog! your nose piercing looks amazing on you. this feels like when my parents bought their coffee machine, it's all they made for weeks on end! i feel like a little neat freak when i say i love the order in the little pods and how you've displayed them, oops! i hope you and jazz are enjoying the sun!

  2. These photo stylings are SO great and I am so excited about this blog! Yay for tea and coffee and cake and lovely things! X

  3. I love the thought of you having a whistling kettle boiling away on the hob! I'm a big fan of green tea and I love it infused with just a little mint - perfect for the digestion. I do love a coffee too, maybe an iced one when its super hot, but I must say your coffees do look very proffesional - Barista in training!

  4. I love the little arrangement around the machine! Haha the stand for the Pods is pretty nifty too.

  5. So in love with your blog, great combo! Love the photos, so pro and perfect. I'm already craving a strong coffee now.

  6. Looks delicious!
    I love a white chocolate mocha, it's my favourite ever ever!
    but definitely couldn't live without tea!